Responsible Tourism Initiatives

Mermaid Hotel and Club followed several first-rate business ethics from the very beginning since 1983 and from these we have evolved Mermaids’ moral and social responsibilities.

Our Principles


We shall respect the environment, seeking to do no damages and to use its resources in a sustainable way.

Community Relations and Society

We shall be socially responsible, going beyond our purely business activities to contribute to the fields of education, sports at village level,culture, village development and community service.

Local Community

We shall encourage income generation activities by the local community, mainly in the field of tourism, which conform to regulations.

Employee Relations

We shall employ staff according to the best labour standards and human rights, treating them as individuals in their personal fulfillment, career progress and expression of their wishes on organizational matters.


We shall do all that we can to discourage corruption within and outside our organization.

Fair Competition

We shall compete in the marketplace in a fair and open manner and strictly refrain from reducing rates to take away business from lower category hotels.

Customers and Suppliers

We shall develop relationships with our partners, both suppliers and customers, with a view to developing long term relationships.

Our Nation

We shall do all we can to promote business as a worthwhile career and a major contributor to the wealth of our nation.